The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Clean water: An issue we can all get behind.

Chad MeyerMy hot political take of the month: No one can agree on anything. Wait, I take that back. Here’s my hot political take of the month: Everyone does seem to agree on the importance of a safe, reliable water supply and the work done by water and wastewater professionals. All the states where we operate throughout the Midwest set aside at least one week a year to highlight our vital role in maintaining the public health of our communities and improving the water quality for our state’s streams, rivers and lakes. In Missouri, for example, Sept. 10-16 was Water and Wastewater Treatment Professionals Week. Aug. 20-26 was Water and Wastewater Workers of Iowa Week, which is set aside “for Iowans to honor those workers in the water and wastewater industry for their commitment to representing their community, protecting public health, and caring for the environment.” And in Minnesota, May 7-13 was Safe Drinking Water Week. The governor’s signed proclamation specifically recognized the water and wastewater professionals who “keep drinking water safe in the places Minnesotans work, rest, and live.” Public recognition like this speaks to more than a shared understanding of the importance of safe water. It’s also a testament to our professionalism. Our calling as water and wastewater professionals is to serve our communities, plain and simple. My name is Chad Meyer, and I wholeheartedly approve this message.

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Chad Meyer
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