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We’re Okay if You Don’t Think About Us

Chad MeyerIf you’re old enough to remember the “lonely Maytag repairman,” you will understand what I mean when I say, “we hope you don’t think about us.” I spend many of these columns touting the depth of knowledge and experience of the people on our staff – because they deserve it, but they truly don’t like the attention. They are content to steadfastly do their work to assure your community’s water and wastewater are safe and clean. Afterall, it’s always best if the water coming out of faucets is clean and clear, and the water returned to streams and fields is the same. But, behind the scenes, it’s – literally – a dirty job (Where’s Mike Rowe when you need him?). And, in case you’ve ever wondered what actually happens to the wastewater we treat, read the article below. We found an interesting, ongoing, survey that answers that for a few of the states we serve. As always, I sincerely want to hear from our customers about how we’re doing. Take our anonymous survey. Better yet, leave your name or contact me directly. Your satisfaction matters to all of us at PeopleService.

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