The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Clarinda and PeopleService Partner for 23 years

ClarindaClarinda, Iowa, is home to PeopleService’s certified testing lab, which benefits our client/partners by providing economical and reliable testing, but to PeopleService the city and people of Clarinda are so much more. Region manager Steve Guthrie puts it this way, “PeopleService has been a partner with Clarinda since 1993 and it has truly been a remarkable partnership – a true example of everything a contract operations firm and public partnership should be.”

Lead Operator for Clarinda, Colt Glidden, says “It’s been a great experience working with a city council and a city manager who value what we do and also put so much emphasis on making certain that the city has the correct infrastructure in place to get the job done right. This collaboration makes my job very rewarding.”

Steve Guthrie adds, “City Manager, Gary McClarnon is focused on infrastructure. He’s an excellent partner to work with because he is so committed to giving his city the quality drinking water they need. He is an excellent steward of the environment working diligently to make certain the city’s wastewater facility is up to date.”

Says Gary McClarnon, “Like most cities, Clarinda has to contend with old infrastructure. PeopleService has made the replacement process much easier. They know what needs to be replaced and where and how to best achieve the results to keep our systems running cost effectively. They have the knowledge to navigate the regulatory issues and complexities we face. The help and guidance they provided as we built the new water plant, and now as we work toward implementing our new wastewater facility is valued. PeopleService has been instrumental in our success – by our side through every important step and decision.”

For Steve and Colt, Clarinda is more than just somewhere they work – it’s their home. They are proud of the vital partnership the city and PeopleService have maintained for the last quarter century and are excited about their contribution to making their city a better place to live now and in the future.