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Word of the year: COLLABORATION

Chad MeyerIn addition to my New Year’s resolutions, I focus on a word of the year – something I want to focus on. For 2022, I’ve determined that my word is COLLABORATION. This works in my personal life as our twins are now in college and that takes a lot of collaboration (and cooperation) with my wife and the kids, and it works in my work life. You’ve read a lot about the collaborative culture of PeopleService. We pride ourselves on our “deep bench” of skilled and dedicated team players who are always available for each other – to pitch in when needed, offer ideas and share experiences to get to solutions. We’ve always been willing to collaborate with our customers, too. Those who have been the most open to collaboration are those we’ve had as partners for years. My personal goal for PeopleService in 2022 is to strengthen our collaboration with our customers – and the others they work with such as city engineers and service vendors they deploy to make their communities better. Check out the advantages of collaboration in the next article, and as always, I’d like to hear from you on how we’re doing and how you think collaboration can enhance your goals for your community. Thanks!

How are we doing?

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Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.