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Industry Insights Survey

Survey Reveals Key Issues Facing Industry Today

In the latest PeopleService Industry Insights Survey, fellow city administrators and leaders told us their top concerns in the industry today. Take a look at the stats and chime in. Let us know if this is what you’re encountering as well. And know we are always here for you.

Decreasing revenues, increased costs and staffing issues top the list.

Despite challenging times for most, Midwest optimism remains intact.

  • 56% of respondents said their city’s revenues have been impacted by the pandemic
  • 33% reported revenue decreases from 10% to 5%
  • 70% reported an increase in expenses
  • 43% with increases of 10-25%
  • 17% have lost staff to quarantines or absences related to COVID-19
  • 25% have been forced to delay billing
  • 17% have had issues with timely compliance reporting

And, as mentioned, even when dealing with lagging revenue and increases in costs, 75% of industry peers indicate confidence in being able to handle the ongoing impacts of the pandemic.