The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Maryville’s Water Recreation Benefits from UV Disinfection

Maryville, MissouriMaryville, Missouri, is home to Northwest Missouri State University, Northwest Technical School and the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing. A thriving academic center, Maryville is also known as a destination for people looking to take advantage of all the amenities that neighboring Mozingo Lake Recreation Park has to offer. This 1,000-plus-acre lake provides premier golfing, boating, skiing, fishing and so much more. Tourism is a vital part of the local economy and the city is deeply vested in protecting and preserving Mozingo Lake because of the recreation and because it is the city’s primary water source.

In 2006, PeopleService partnered with Maryville to manage their water and wastewater systems. An ultraviolet disinfection system was installed in 2015. According to PeopleService lead operator, Jerry Riley, “UV was a great choice for Maryville. Reducing the amount of chemicals needed to treat water means less chance for chemical reactions. That’s better for the environment and the community.”

UV, or ultraviolet, light disinfects wastewater by damaging the DNA and RNA of dangerous microorganisms such as microscopic worms, salmonella, giardia and other viruses. Wastewater is disinfected when it flows through a chamber containing a series of UV lamps. UV purification systems are a safe and cost-effective solution and destroy 99.99% of microorganisms found in water. UV is a viable and environmentally-friendly alternative to chlorination and emits absolutely no by-products.

City Administrator, Greg McDanel said, “Maryville is considered to be one of the safest and friendliest college towns in America. We put a premium on hospitality and Mozingo Lake is the jewel in our crown.” Last year, Maryville attracted over 400,000 visitors from outside Missouri and across the United States to enjoy beautiful Mozingo Lake. “We are a center for water recreation and water is key to our success. That’s why PeopleService has been such an excellent partner. They provide Maryville with high-quality service and the necessary guidance to improve our systems and to protect the natural resources that make Maryville such a special place to visit.”

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