The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Heath Draeger

A True Expert in the Field

Heath DraegerIn last month’s The ClearTake we touched on the community of Nora Springs, IA. Iowa Region Manager Steve Robinette reminisced about the PeopleService partnership there and how strong the relationship between the customers and PeopleService is. It was not lost, however, how important of a role Iowa’s Assistant Region Manager Heath Draeger was in that process.

He was a key figure in helping the town come around to the idea of the Aero-Mod wastewater plant. But what is it about Heath that makes him such a valuable asset to the team? Heath is an eight-year veteran and a highly motivated and knowledgeable member of the team. He is also a hands-on leader and excels at tackling the challenges he’s faced with. “It’s rewarding to be part of a team that uses expertise to achieve results,” Draeger said.

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