The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Funny how something so essential can be taken for granted.

Chad MeyerIf I had to wager, I’d bet that providing safe, clean drinking water to citizens is the number one priority for City Administrators. Yet, managing, maintaining and operating water (and wastewater) plants seems to be in the medium range of many city’s lists. In the past 60 years, it may have been relatively “easy” to administer the application of chemicals to clean and sanitize water for potability and like most managers, when things are running smoothly, we leave well enough alone. Things began getting more complicated about 5-7 years ago with higher burdens on aging systems, higher standards and higher awareness of what can go wrong. Flint, Michigan’s tragic example will always come to mind. Frankly, it’s just not as easy to assure safe, clean water for citizens today. That’s why you need a team of collaborating professionals on your side. There is so much more to know about standards, chemicals, pollutants – more than ever before. One, two or three people who aren’t up on licensure and regulations, and who don’t have a wealth of resources to consult, likely can’t give your community the peace of mind it deserves. I don’t mean to sound harsh. I just know what our operators in seven states are seeing in the systems they inherit. It’s not an afront on the talent you have on board – in many cases we hire those people when we are asked to work with a city. It’s a reality that it takes people with the latest education and the benefit of a multitude of resources to call upon to assure you of your water maintenance. I can give you more than a few examples to illustrate what I mean. Happy to discuss with you. Contact me.

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Chad Meyer
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