The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Collaboration can be king for communities.

It’s easy to talk about collaboration and say you want to be collaborative. Deciding who to collaborate with and actively practicing it takes purpose and focus. There are many reasons why collaboration is needed now more than ever in our communities. When you collaborate around a shared purpose, this yields relationship and the opportunity to benefit from a wealth of ideas and experiences that may otherwise be withheld. There are some communities where the leadership of different organizations doesn’t work together, and the overall growth of the community suffers. We’ve worked with communities that involve us and other vendors/partners in their growth goals. They invite us to bring ideas to the table on how our knowledge of water and wastewater services can contribute to meeting those goals. With the current labor shortage, purposely identifying organizations that hire the same skilled workers as you do can only work to your advantage if you’ve defined collaboration terms up front and can call on one another in a time of need. Collaboration can bring about efficiencies in all sorts of ways. Sharing a common goal with trust and respect is one. Sharing resources and services is another. We’d like to hear your most successful collaboration stories and their outcomes. If you’re okay with it, we’ll share them on our website.

Do you have a collaboration story to share?