The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

PeopleService Builds Strong and Productive Partnerships

ClarindaPeopleService began its partnership with the city of Clarinda, Iowa in 1993, when the city was experiencing difficulties in meeting state regulations. So the city contracted with PeopleService to operate its wastewater treatment and collections. According to Clarinda City Manager and Treasurer, Gary McClarnon, “We had problems with our wastewater plant and the city had fallen into disfavor with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. We contracted with PeopleService and they got our plant back on track. Plus, the city’s relationship with the DNR improved dramatically. PeopleService knew how to bring the plant up to code and how to better our relationship with the DNR.”

The city’s water plant came online in 1995. When Clarinda lost its water superintendent and did not have a properly certified person to run the system, the city moved to a contract for operations and management with PeopleService. Since 1995, the town has maintained the water and wastewater treatment facilities plus the collection and distribution systems. As a result of this move, the city saw immediate savings as the two combined departments had previously been run by 11 employees.

Gary McClarnon said, “One of the keys to working with PeopleService is the people. The PeopleService staff that work with Clarinda are well known here and have earned the respect of the citizens and city administrators. When you mention region manager Steve Guthrie or lead operator Colt Glidden, people know who you are talking about. They know what PeopleService has done here and how involved they are in our community.”

In 1996-97, we oversaw Clarinda’s wastewater plant upgrade to its current capacity. In 2000, the wastewater lab became certified and continues to receive high marks for its quality and procedural controls. In 2004, PeopleService helped with the planning and design processes for a new 2.4 MGD water treatment plant. Clarinda continues to rely on PeopleService for all its wastewater and water needs and we have developed a partnership that is beneficial to both parties. Gary McClarnon said, “I work hand-in-hand with the PeopleService team and it’s reassuring to know you are working with professionals. Recently, Colt Glidden helped the city council replace fire hydrants and upgrade water and sewer lines. We’re meeting soon about a major upgrade to our sewer plant and I know that Colt will be instrumental in the process. That’s the kind of relationship that we have with the team at PeopleService. It’s a very strong and productive partnership. I can and do recommend PeopleService to other city administrators and officials across the Midwest.”

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