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When it comes to compliance, don’t get caught with your pants down.

Chad MeyerIn every industry there are rules and regulations that we have to adhere to. Oftentimes, management, board members and city council reps happily don’t dig too deep into what they are, trusting that someone else has them well in hand. I will tell you that in my time at PeopleService, the regulations have gotten stiffer, and they are updated more frequently, so you need the right person with his finger on the pulse to assure you’re in compliance. We have a dedicated person on our staff to keep us – and our customers – in compliance with regulations across all the states in which we serve. Our Director of Operational Programs, Jonathan McDonald, completes regular audits to assure that we’re in compliance, as do our Region Managers. Via training and regular communication, Jonathan further makes sure we’re all aware of changes in regulations that occur with government and state agencies. It’s no small task, but a top priority for us – and on your behalf. If you want to talk more about compliance at PeopleService and your plants, contact me. It’s another one of those conversations that are boring at family reunions, but we enjoy them all the same.

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Chad Meyer
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