The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Investing in the Future of Communities

Chad MeyerIf you’re reading this e-newsletter, you might consider yourself an investor. By that I mean, you are invested in your community’s success – as are we. This investment takes time, energy, research and the ability to make responsible decisions – often about money. As the new infrastructure bill takes hold, it’s worth noting that there are funds in there that relate directly to upgrading outdated water/wastewater infrastructure. For many communities in the Midwest, it’s high time to do so. For many of our clients, we’ve consulted on outlining the specific needs, collaborating with engineers and bringing our significant experience to the fore to determine the best courses of action. You can read examples of this work here and, if you’re in Iowa and plan to attend the Iowa League conference in Coralville in September, we’re presenting on a panel about this exact topic. “A Year of Implementing a New Wastewater Plant” chronicles our partnership in making this happen with Nora Springs. If you’re ready to talk about upgrading your plant and want to talk about how to start, contact me.

Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.