The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The REAL Cost of Infrastructure Decline

How Deterioration Hinders Your Community’s Economic Development

rustyLack of efficient water and wastewater infrastructure makes it exceedingly difficult for communities to grow their local economies.

When your community needs to constantly pay for repairs to an existing facility, those expenses add up. If your infrastructure struggles to support residents and businesses already in the community, you may be risking those relationships. Plus, you may not be able to support the added strain of new business moving into the area.

You know that efficient infrastructure is one of the first things business owners look for when deciding whether to become a part of your town. If the proper infrastructure isn’t available to support their business and their growth, they will look elsewhere. Investing in water infrastructure and ensuring that safe, efficient water and wastewater operations pass the grade with prospects keeps your community on the list.

Improving Infrastructure

PeopleService is always here to help your community manage the challenges and obstacles that come with improving aging infrastructure. We have experience in this area and know how important water and wastewater systems are to the sustainability of your community. Our leading solutions are many, and it’s likely we have one that solves a problem you face today.

Clarinda, Iowa, and Warsaw, Missouri, are two such communities that were suffering from infrastructure decline when we began working with them. We helped Clarinda upgrade their declining facilities and today we help ensure these plants keep up with regulations. In Warsaw, we helped the city improve failing facilities and increase monthly revenue by following a careful review of water and wastewater ordinances.

Economies can flourish with the right investment. We can help your community determine what that investment should be, and we can help you maintain your systems efficiently and effectively for years to come. What can PeopleService do for your community? Contact us now.