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The People You Can Rely On

Chad MeyerIf you’re a regular reader of this e-newsletter, you know that our Region Managers often talk to the depth of experience they can draw on if needed. We’ve got a mix of team members who have been with us a long time and those who have been with us for less than five years. Every single person brings something to the table – an experience, education, insight – that is very useful for assuring our clients’ water and wastewater is managed safely and efficiently. City administrators know we’re straight shooters dedicated to the mission of this business in all kinds of conditions and whatever comes our way. It’s flood season. We’re prepared for that. We’re coming off of a year of shutdowns and other implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve made it through that. And, most recently we were asked to partner with the city of Hinckley, Minnesota and the University of Minnesota to test wastewater for levels of the disease (read more below). Community colleges rely on us to get the word out about this field – and we’re pleased to give young students a leg up with our Alan Meyer scholarship fund. In short, we’re in this business for the long run and all the right reasons. We appreciate the faith and trust our clients put in us and are pleased to do our part.

Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.