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Summer means green grass, baseball, cookouts – and water conservation.

Chad MeyerThe smell of freshly cut grass. It’s as much of a summer tradition as baseball, backyard cookouts, and funnel cake at the county fair. Of course, with freshly cut grass comes another tradition that’s not so fun. Not to rain on your Fourth of July parade, but every summer Americans stress local water systems by overwatering their lawns and landscaping. As water and wastewater professionals, it’s important we remind our communities of this fact and share tips for helping to conserve our
valuable water supply. Many communities served by PeopleService already do a great job with this – Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, for example. They’ve posted water-saving tips on the city’s official website that offer easy ways for residents to conserve water while still maintaining a lush yard worthy of wiffle ball and cloud gazing. Here are a few: Adjust sprinklers to water only grass areas and not impervious surfaces such as streets, driveways, and walkways; apply water only when it is needed, not on a fixed schedule; and water during the cool part of the day to minimize water lost to evaporation, with early morning hours (4-8 a.m.) being the best. Here are more tips for saving water, provided by the American Rivers organization. So, spread the word about saving water – and have a great summer.

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