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Meet Chris Cowell, the newest region manager for Missouri

Chris Cowell

Longtime PeopleService team member Chris Cowell recently advanced to the position of region manager in Missouri. Chris will be working alongside George Hulet, also a region manager for the state, where PeopleService has seen a significant growth in clients. They will divide duties within the state, ensuring PeopleService continues to offer the level of unmatched support their community partners have come to expect. Chris previously held the role of assistant region manager in Missouri.

Chris has been a vital member of the PeopleService team since 2015, starting out as a water plant operator and distribution tech in Bethany, Missouri. Using his background in tech support and network administration, he quickly discovered his place in the water and wastewater industry and began rising through the ranks. He prides himself on finding solutions to complex challenges and working to provide communities with safe, clean and clear water.

“This line of work can have a lot of ups and downs, but if a person possesses the ability to roll with the punches and they pride themselves on doing a good job, it can be a rewarding profession,” Chris said.