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Our Commitment: A Consistent and Reliable Workforce

Chad MeyerWater Innovations magazine’s latest issue talks about the “retirement wave” asking readers to consider how their utility will manage when this directly affects their community. Calling it “operator succession” – a term I really like, they offer three solutions (see our summary in the next article). All three resonate with steps we’ve taken at PeopleService to assure the communities we serve never miss a beat no matter what comes their way. One is “doing more with less.” Whenever possible and feasible, we deploy our experts to serve nearby communities, we advocate for management by affidavit and we recently deployed a new digital work order system that saves our staff time while assuring maintenance is up-to-date. Another is “attracting and recruiting young talent.” We work with community colleges to support their WET degree programs and we actively recruit via Ambassador Dennis White and our Alan Meyer scholarships. And last, related to these recruitment efforts, is the magazine’s advice to build an inclusive and diverse workforce. We love that more young women are applying for our scholarships and that we are able to coax some out of retirement to come on full or part-time. We’ve been at this for more than 30 years. Out of our commitment to this industry comes innovation and solutions that meet needs today and tomorrow. Thanks to our clients for your faith and trust in us.

Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.