The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Get it. Want it. Can do it.

Chad MeyerA lot of small businesses, (including city governments) know of the Entrepreneurial Operating System – or EOS – where a specific process is followed to meet growth goals. A key to doing that is having the right people in the right seats. One way to figure this out is to inventory the skills of your people separately from the roles you need to fill. One way to fill the right seats with the right people is to ask, do they “get” it? This means do they truly understand the job, know what is expected, comprehend the culture and are in line with the company’s values. “Want it” is how you identify if the person has the interest, desire and is motivated by the company’s core values to make a difference. “Can do it” is the demonstration of the person having the knowledge, experience and education to do the job – identifying the person who is willing to put in the time, and who has the physical, emotional and mental capacity to succeed in the role. Filling the water/wastewater role mandates proof that a person “can do it,” and doing this job is not easy. And it’s not everyone who “gets” and “wants” this job. But at PeopleService, we’ve cracked the code. Nearly 35 years in this industry, with focus on Midwest communities, has helped us identify what is necessary in staffing this important role – and frankly, we’re really good at it. See how we do that in the following article, and feel free to give me a call to discuss.

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