The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Invest in Our Planet

Chad Meyer

Friday, April 22 is Earth Day. It’s estimated that a billion people across the globe will honor this day, established 52 years ago. The theme this year is “invest in our planet.” When you manage your city’s administration budget, you invest in your community every day. We’re fortunate to be entrusted with assuring the safety of water and wastewater in communities across the Midwest. We appreciate the communities that work with us to conserve water and minimize the need to extract items and contaminants from wastewater. You may want to share these suggestions with the citizens of your community today. We offer co-branded flyers with additional advice for our customers. You can order on our website.

  • Use reusable water bottles, not plastic.
  • Fix that leaky faucet! A single leaky faucet wastes more than 100 gallons of water every year.
  • Check your automatic sprinklers. According to the EPA, “a household with an automatic landscape irrigation system that isn’t properly maintained and operated can waste up to 25,000 gallons of water annually.”
  • Set out rain barrels. There are beautiful options at lawn and garden stores to choose from. What a great way to water your garden and plants!
  • Use environmentally safe household cleaning products.
  • Cut shower time in half.
  • Don’t flush wipes, metals, medications.
  • Install a low-water option toilet.

How are we doing?

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Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.