The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

George Hulet Helps Leads the Way in PeopleService’s Expansion of Service in Missouri

George HuletGeorge Hulet has 25 years of experience in water/wastewater. He understands both the public and private sides of the industry, as well as what it means to be both management and an operator working in the field. He excels in problem management and thrives on being a problem solver. Before joining PeopleService as the lead operator for the city of Bethany, Missouri, George was the city’s water and wastewater superintendent. Recently promoted, George is now PeopleService’s assistant region manager for Missouri and will play a key role as the company expands its presence in the state.

“In my years of working for Bethany, I had hands-on experience with every aspect of the city’s utility programs, working in water/wastewater and working with the city’s gas and electric departments. No matter the job, I am always excited to learn more, roll up my sleeves, do what needs to be done and take on new challenges.

“I attended the PeopleService leadership conference, and on day two, when our region managers presented, I got a real understanding of what the term, “The Power of PeopleService” means. There is so much talent and industry expertise in this company. When they share their valuable experience and insights, it was inspiring to know I work for a company with that depth of knowledge that we can lend to all the communities we work with.

“As an assistant region manager, I can leverage my expertise as a resource for others, while also having access to our company’s vast accumulated knowledge. I know if there is an issue that I have never dealt with before, I can pick up the phone and get direct, relevant advice on the issue I want to solve. That is a significant benefit to every community we serve.”

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