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Water, the original sports drink

Chad MeyerFlip through the TV channels (people still do that, right?) and you’re likely to see a commercial for a “sports drink.” These ads usually feature people doubled over from exhaustion and always drenched in sweat after a tough workout. They start chugging a sports drink and – boom! – they’re hydrated. Of course as water professionals we know that an easier, far less expensive, more eco-friendly option is probably only a few steps away – at the nearest faucet. Sports drinks tout their ability to
replenish electrolytes and other essential minerals lost during exercise. The fact is there’s still nothing that beats water. “Most people do not need sports drinks,” says Dr. Leana Wen, a physician and professor of health policy and management at George Washington University. “Water is sufficient for hydration, and the food people eat will usually contain the electrolytes they need.” This highlights the importance our work to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for our communities, including the extensive training, testing and reporting we do on a regular basis. We help supply the original sports drink. Now that sounds worthy of a commercial.

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Chad Meyer President
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