The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Three Tips When Fertilizing the Lawn

More than half of all water pollution comes from residential yards. As the citizens of your community care for their lawns this spring, share these helpful tips with them.

  1. If you spread granular weed-and-feed type fertilizer, keep it on the lawn. If granules accidentally land on paved areas, sweep them onto the grass.
  2. If you use a liquid herbicide, be careful not to overspray the lawn, and do not spray it on a windy day. The herbicides may land onto the pavement, wash into the storm sewer or drift onto sensitive garden plants.
  3. When cleaning your fertilizer or herbicide application equipment, the rinse water will contain small concentrations of chemicals. Do not wash the equipment on the driveway and/or dump remaining water into the gutter. Instead, apply the rinse water to the lawn.