The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today


Did I tell you I have 20 year old twins? They try desperately to make me hip – and I do try. I recently learned what the above acronym (IYKYK) means. It’s “If You Know, You Know.” The young generation uses this acronym when they post things on social that they believe others can relate to. This will likely be the only place I ever use it, but it does support a point I want to make this month in The ClearTake. When we respond to RFPs, we do our homework to determine if we can serve the community well. We consider their infrastructure and state of the water and wastewater systems and we consider how well we will partner with city leaders for the long haul. For us, it’s not just a contract and terms we fulfill. It’s us considering that our team members will live, work and raise their families in that community. It’s believing that we will be brought to the table as professionals and earn the trust that allows us to offer and implement solutions. After all, we partner with your community to assure your citizens have access to clean and safe water. When we earn the contract, it’s a mutual IYKYK. Community leaders look us in the eye, shake our hands and say, “let’s do this,” because that’s how we roll. (My kids just groaned.) If you’re looking for this in a water/wastewater management partnership, contact me. I’ll put you in touch with customers who experience this every day with PeopleService.

How are we doing?

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Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.