More than 30 years of serving communities in the Midwest.

When it comes to water and wastewater management, operations and maintenance, with us, you’ll know.

When you work with PeopleService, you gain skilled and licensed water and wastewater professionals on your team – people who live and work alongside you to manage this precious resource in your community.

We help with staffing needs and we work as contract operators, hired by local governments and community leaders as an alternative to hiring and retaining increasingly scarce personnel with the right licensure and experience to handle the daily maintenance and regulatory compliance of your water and wastewater systems. In fact, PeopleService has excellent relationships with the regulatory agencies in the states where we operate.

Working together with you, we embrace the collective goal to provide safe, quality water and efficient, effective wastewater systems for your community…systems that protect the health of your community and environment for generations to come.

Tap Into Specialists for Your Water and Wastewater Management

When you partner with PeopleService, you gain a management team with a depth of experience. We specialize in the day-to-day treatment of water and wastewater in the municipal setting, and in serving the people of your community. Our specialists are connected and dedicated to sharing their experiences and resources to find solutions that work for your city. Along with regulatory compliance and protection, our highest priority is that you are satisfied with our service.

Water and wastewater managementYour region manager, an experienced, highly licensed operator, will be responsible for providing (hiring) the necessary, licensed personnel to complete the daily operation and maintenance of the facilities and to meet permit requirements. Your region manager has the responsibility of providing direction, oversight, training and mentoring of the employees assigned to the city’s facilities.  He manages to the contract we’ve signed with you, and assures that you know – every step of the way – what is being done, where we are with budget, and how your systems are performing.

If you’re like most of our clients, your community welcomes growth and expansion. The ability to control water quality, recover from the effects of aging infrastructure, accommodate increasing regulations and finding the right people with the right experience can facilitate that growth.

This is where PeopleService comes in. Since 1988, we’ve been operating systems for clients in the Midwest. We deploy professionals onsite who are educated, trained and certified in the specialty of water and wastewater operations and management. They stay apprised of the latest regulations and they continually update their knowledge and credentials so that your system and your community meet – and exceed – what is necessary to grow well into the future.

From program implementation to regulatory compliance to billing, we’ve got your back.

Partner with PeopleService professionals and you gain the personnel necessary to operate your systems efficiently and with assurance. This means water system operations that include production, treatment, storage, distribution and metering. And wastewater system operations that include collection systems, lift stations, treatment plants and biosolids land application programs. The goal is optimum performance and system integrity, within your budget – all reported with transparency to you regularly.

We also provide technical training to the water/wastewater operators on site about the treatment process, preventive maintenance techniques, safety awareness and the continuing education units (CEUs) necessary for the operating personnel to maintain their licenses.

PeopleService monitors, samples, analyzes and reports as required by the regulatory agency in matters related to the water and wastewater permits under which you operate.

Reporting and metrics keep everyone informed.

Our operators provide everyone responsible for water and wastewater quality in your community with monthly operating reports on projects accomplished, flows at the facility, lab results and maintenance performed. This keeps everyone informed and alleviates surprises. We hate surprises.

  • Program Implementation
    Develop, implement and maintain water, wastewater and wastewater biosolids programs.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Prepare and submit the necessary reporting and documentation for regulatory requirements, consumer confidence reports and permit renewals.
  • Safety
    Establish and implement proper safety practices.
  • Testing
    Establish and implement required water and wastewater testing practices.
  • Rates & Billing
    Assist in developing and maintaining proper rates and provide billing for water and sewer services if requested by you.
  • Planning
    Capital improvements assessment and O&M budgeting assistance.

You can save money and gain efficiencies with our cloud-based GIS mapping solution, which covers your infrastructure and cemeteries.

With decades of experience in the water/wastewater industry and city administration, we offer consulting services that fit your specific needs.

Preventive and corrective measures that keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

We appreciate the investment your community has made in your water and wastewater infrastructure. We know that keeping that infrastructure in solid working condition can save time and money, and help your community stay in compliance with the myriad of increasing water and wastewater regulations. That is why we are committed to on-time preventive maintenance and punctual corrective maintenance that works for your system.

Preventive maintenanceWe stay on top of the latest methods to improve treatment processes and lower the costs, without degrading the quality of water produced by the treatment plant.

And, we utilize a computerized maintenance system designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry. This allows us to maintain your facilities at the lowest possible cost. Plus, it helps us maintain equipment to keep it operating at the highest efficiencies while minimizing down time.

Of course an integral part of our maintenance program is preventive maintenance. A preventive maintenance program operated with integrity minimizes downtime, future equipment costs and non-compliance with regulatory agency rules and regulations. We use our computerized maintenance management system to protect and extend the life of your expensive equipment. How your facility functions – and how it looks to the public – has a profound effect on the citizens of your community who, through their taxes and fees, provide the funds to purchase and operate them. Housekeeping and the appearance of your water and wastewater infrastructure is an important part of our overall maintenance program.

All warranties will be preserved and capital expenditures minimized. PeopleService does not formulate policy nor do we assume any ownership of the facilities.

Our proprietary, custom Work Order System assures that contracted work is done right and on time.

No one in the industry has a work order system like ours. We custom-built this system to track, update and record activity required by our contract with you. You know that maintaining your water and wastewater plants requires reviewing and monitoring a wide variety of equipment each month. And, because we take our contract and industry compliance seriously, there needs to be lasting proof that the maintenance and monitoring has been done.

That’s why we developed this Work Order system. The system sends out timed assignments to operators in the field listing the activities they must complete each month. Completely digital, operators receive their work orders on their phones so it’s easy to record activities completed, take photos and upload them if needed – right on site. The system has built in “pings” that remind operators of work yet to be completed, and the system stores all activity for easy-access reporting.

This is just one more added-value service included when you do business with PeopleService. Contact us to learn more today!

One Point-of-Contact – Full Roster of Services

When you work with PeopleService you get a dedicated region manager who takes responsibility for your water and wastewater management, operations and maintenance.

In other words, we manage all those things that keep you up at night. That’s why our toll free and cell phone numbers are on our cards and right at your fingertips. Want to talk right now? Contact Chris McMillen.

Here is everything we handle:

  • Establishment and implementation of required wastewater biosolids programs.
  • Management, operation and maintenance of water treatment and distribution systems and wastewater collection systems (including lift stations) and treatment facilities.
  • Supervision and mentoring of facilities staff.
  • Identification of ongoing improvements and efficiencies.
  • Valve Turning
  • Hydrant flushing and lubrication
  • Manhole inspections
  • Annual pump inspections
  • Pump/meter calibrations
  • Generator inspections & annual maintenance
  • Water tower inspections and maintenance
  • Line cleaning and collection system flushing
  • Painting and corrosion prevention
  • Inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Minor repairs and replacement
  • Use of computerized maintenance program
  • Prepare and submit required regulatory reports. PeopleService has a Regulatory Audit Compliance program (QA/QC).
  • Prepare and provide permit renewal applications.
  • Implement and maintain required testing practices.
  • Assist in the development and update of municipal codes regarding wastewater management.
  • Participate in compliance training to remain current with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Assist to ensure proper rates for water and sewer rates.
  • Ability to provide water and sewer billing programs.
  • Implement a safety program designed to comply with OSHA requirements.
  • Participate in community programs designed to educate citizens of the importance of treatment systems in the protection of the environment and the health of individuals.
  • Assist with preparation of five-year capital plans.
  • Cooperate with engineers and contractors in plant upgrades or new construction.

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