Why should we consider PeopleService?

We’ve been serving the cities and communities throughout the Midwest for more than 32 years. We have over 180 clients, many of whom have been with us for decades. We understand the challenges facing communities throughout the Midwest.

How will we maintain control?

We work for you. We work with you to develop complete scope of work listing all activities/duties required of us and then we report on them. PeopleService’s automated reporting systems, public health and regular audits are the most up to date in the industry and ensure you have full transparency and control of your water and wastewater systems.

We are looking at options, what is the process to get a proposal from PeopleService?

We need to visit the facility(s) and conduct a walk thru whenever suits you. In addition, a copy of your water/wastewater budget will be very helpful in creating a budget analysis/comparison and ensuring we capture the relevant expenses such as maintenance, chemicals (if applicable) and lab/testing expense. We can then present to you a no-cost/no-obligation proposal containing the scope of work and cost.

Will this increase our costs?

In most cases, costs will actually decrease as we work with you to identify efficiencies to ensure your systems are optimized and running most effectively. Often, we extend the life of aging infrastructure to further minimize costs.

How will I know the work is being done?

Our operators know your state’s water/wastewater regulations and their work stands up to audits every time. In fact, we audit our work in every city every year to assure compliance – and we give you thorough, transparent, monthly reports so your council and citizens are assured that the management, operations and maintenance of your systems are top notch.

How will you staff our system and what will happen to our existing staff?

When you partner with PeopleService, your community benefits from the knowledge and skills of operators well-trained in all aspects of water and wastewater systems. We have a deep bench of qualified operators across all levels. We actively encourage interested existing staff who meet the requirements to join us and we will ensure they are trained and licensed to the required levels as they become part of the PeopleService family.

Do you have Engineers on staff?

No. To ensure you get the highest value at the most effective cost we partner with multiple engineering firms to work with the city, only if, or when, they are required.

What is the average length of a contract?

Contract agreements vary but the vast majority of our clients have been with us for decades as they have seen the benefits of partnering with us. Read our testimonials here.

What is your transition plan?

We have a proven methodology from 32 years of experience. Knowing there are multiple facets that need to be addressed, we proceed with the appropriate personnel and timeline to ensure we are operational by the agreed start date.

Can you help with capital planning and budgeting?

Yes, we are more than happy to assemble the experienced personnel to help in developing capital budgets and growth plans.

Are you safety and OSHA compliant?

Yes. In addition to OSHA requirements we maintain our own award-winning safety program.

Do you provide billing services?

Yes. Our PowerPay system is available to all our clients. You get complete billing reports every month and your customers get transparent billing with the ability to pay online and over the phone. PeopleService takes care of the rest – including promoting PowerPay with your logo on it for your citizens and hosting the technology.

Who sets the rates?

You do. Your rates are set and approved by public officials – by the municipality, or another public authority. Rate setting is always a public process with opportunity for input by all interested individuals and groups.

How does PeopleService prevent turnover?

Unfortunately, nobody can ‘prevent’ turnover. But our team members see us as a career path, not just a job. We encourage and do everything possible to help operators obtain higher licenses. We move operators around to other systems to help them gain exposure to multiple challenges. Our deep bench of personnel ensures we have people ready to help in times of an emergency, vacation, training, illness or if there is an open position.

I cannot find an Operator, what makes PeopleService able to do so?

We have a dedicated and experienced HR team focused on recruitment of the highest caliber talent. Our experience and proven methodologies can take an individual from a small community and develop him/her into a licensed operator. We offer competitive wages and benefits for operators in this industry.

What is your response time for an emergency?

We require every employee to be within 30 minutes of the community they serve.

What is included with your service?

  • Operating personnel
  • Vehicles
  • Supplies/materials
  • Communications services
  • Insurance
  • Administrative/overhead
  • Legal
  • Payroll/Human Resources
  • Billing service

How do we investigate outsourcing to PeopleService?

That’s easy, just contact Chris McMillen and he will tell you more.

We are short-staffed, can PeopleService provide short-term cover?

We’re happy to talk about how we can alleviate your staffing issues. Just contact us.

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