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Claremont employees highlight PeopleService’s commitment to communities.

Chad MeyerHappy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day, filled with family, friends and good food. (And depending on who you root for, good football.) I have a lot to be thankful for, including our team of PeopleService employees. You go above and beyond, time and time again, to serve our partner communities. One great example of this dedication came recently from Claremont, Minnesota, where PeopleService employees Dan Vrieze and Nick Viker showed the kind of commitment that deserves a little extra attention. While the city’s water tower was being painted, four pressure tanks were rented as a temporary replacement because of the need to operate filters to remove radium from the drinking water. Vrieze and Viker adjusted their schedules so they could backwash during low water usage. Once the tower was painted and needed to be refilled, they put in hours after 10 p.m. and operated the valves to ensure the community could still access water. This process took three nights because the high-service pumps only produced 63 gallons a minute for the 150,000-gallon tower. Thank you, Dan and Nick, and thanks to all of you who go above and beyond.
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Chad Meyer
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