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Cheers to 29 years!

Honoring Long-Term Partner Hinckley, Minnesota

Hinckley, MNWhen it comes to Hinckley, you could say we basically grew up together. One of our first customers, we have seen a lot through the years managing, operating and maintaining what has become two water plants and a wastewater plant. Region Manager Paul Christensen recalled when radium levels in the water reached levels that the plant at that time couldn’t handle. “We battled them for a time until we finally got them under control,” he said. “And this is just one of the issues we’ve encountered over the years, but like all long-term relationships, we’ve weathered them together in true PeopleService style. Key to this long-standing partnership is Lead Operator Jerry Williams.”

Jerry Williams and Paul joined PeopleService just months apart more than 25 years ago. “Jerry has been an invaluable resource to me throughout our shared experience at PeopleService in Hinckley and the surrounding areas,” Paul said.
“Jerry is a fantastic resource who other operators look to for guidance. He has so much experience and he’s so easy to talk to. He helps others figure out issues because of his superior problem-solving ability and understanding of processes.

“Paul’s nice to give me so much credit here, but this has been a give-and-take situation through the years. I like all the people at PeopleService and if I ever need anything, I know they’re just a call away,” Jerry replied. “I was with the city of Hinckley for years before joining PeopleService and I live here. I’ve seen a lot of change with the casino coming in – and the changing water and wastewater needs.”

Paul and Jerry both acknowledge that key to the PeopleService-Hinckley partnership is the openness and trust of city administrators through the years. “It’s not that our management of the Hinckley plants has been perfect, but that’s not the measure of our partnership,” said Paul. “Like all long-term relationships, the key is taking ownership for issues, finding solutions, offering ideas for upgrades, and having a shared goal. Through the years, we’ve worked together to keep the water and wastewater safe and clean for the people of Hinckley. We appreciate the opportunity the city gives us to serve them.”