The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Imagine a Day Without Water

Often, it’s easy for people to take clean water for granted. We turn on the tap and clean, safe water comes out. We flush the toilet and with a swoosh, our waste is magically carried away. We’ve all been there – and we all know it takes a lot to make all this magic happen. October 21 was “Imagine a Day Without Water” – a national event asking people to do just that. As you communicate with your citizens about the water and wastewater services you provide, here are three tips you can pass along to heighten awareness of your management of this precious resource:

  1. Talk to the volume of water* that is cleaned and made available in your community every day.
  2. Talk to the volume of wastewater* that is cleaned and released into the surrounding environment every day.
  3. Compare the cost of these services to other things people “can’t live without,” such as internet ($49-$60/month) and cable TV services ($25.40 – $71.37/month).

* Your operator should be able to provide these metrics.