The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Diamond Mapping: Our Latest Technology That’s Efficient and Informative

Mapping your infrastructure and quickly locating underground systems are key elements of managing and operating water and wastewater systems in the most cost-effective, safe and efficient way. We have invested in the latest software technology to ensure we have eliminated some of the major pain points along the way. Called Diamond Maps, this unique, cloud-based GIS is designed for the sewer and water industry. The benefits to cities and homeowners are huge and include:

  • No more reliance on outdated paper maps (if they still exist!) to find sewer systems
  • Access to information anytime and anywhere, especially when in the field
  • Continuity of information – no matter how staff changes, or offices move
  • Documentation of activities and problems with infrastructure
  • Ability to identify and plan for capital improvements to the system

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