The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Spotlight on Mike Adair

Mike Adair Promotes a “Culture of Safety” for PeopleService

Mike AdairPeopleService’s director of operational systems, Mike Adair, is responsible for promoting the culture of safety ingrained within the company. By his own admission, Mike is a 365/24/7 kind of person, and that is exactly the type of commitment he brings to his role as safety director.

“Our employees are our most valuable asset and we do all we can to protect them. Our everyday focus is keeping all employees safe, so they go home to their families. One reason our safety program is effective is because we have worked to create a culture of safety. When our employees communicate their safety concerns and suggestions, we take them seriously,” said Mike. “It’s a continuous process – from our annual training seminars, to our quarterly training sessions, to the monthly safety process binders we provide our employees. All this ensures they’re armed with the best practices and methods to make certain all work proceeds safely and optimally.”

“In my seven years as director of operational systems, I have always put an emphasis on providing our employees with the most comprehensive skill set possible to keep them safe in the workplace. The work is rewarding,” said Mike. “Recently, PeopleService Inc. was nominated for the George W. Burke Jr. Safety Award by the Iowa Water Environment Association (IAWEA). This award is given by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and recognizes us for having an established, well-maintained, active and effective safety program. We are excited about being recognized in this way because this is a prestigious, nationally recognized award in the safety community. Like they say at the Oscars, ‘It’s always an honor to be nominated!’”