The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Learning is important and that’s why we never stop.

Congratulations to the following team members who have earned new certifications!

  • Joshua Greufe, Humboldt, IA – Water Treatment II, Wastewater I
  • Jacy Matthews, Humboldt, IA – Water Treatment I & Distribution I
  • Garrett Borden, Missouri Valley, IA – Water Treatment I
  • Dakoda Tish, Missouri Valley, IA – Distribution I, Wastewater I, Water Treatment II
  • Jordan Cooper, Elk Run Heights, IA – Wastewater II & Distribution II
  • Howard Peterson, Malvern, IA – Water I
  • James Gillespie, Arlington, NE – Water III
  • Dyllon Dalquist, Duluth North Shore, MN – Wastewater D
  • Michael Reinsch, Virginia, MN – Water C
  • Shell Johnson, New Richland, MN – Water C & Wastewater C
  • Jonathan Foley, Andrew County, MO – Distribution I
  • Jeff Johnson, Monroe City, MO – Water C & Distribution I
  • Ethan Claycomb, Maryville, MO – Water D
  • Alec McCuskey, Richmond, MN – Wastewater C