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Focus On: Duane Grashorn

Nebraska Region Manager

Duane GrashornDuane Grashorn believes that PeopleService is first and foremost in the business of problem solving. He enjoys taking over difficult issues for clients to prevent adverse community impacts.

“We support our client communities through every situation they face, and we excel at turning challenges into major opportunities,” said Duane. “I love putting the knowledge we’ve gained over the years to use for the benefit of our clients.”

Duane has managed more than 35 PeopleService water/wastewater projects and is known for his organizational skills and ability to handle special projects effectively. He is an expert at cost containment, even under the most demanding circumstances, and he is an innovative and resourceful thinker who works to keep PeopleService the top water and wastewater treatment service provider in the Midwest.

Duane holds the following certifications:

  • Nebraska Grade IV Wastewater
  • Nebraska Grade I Water
  • Nebraska Grade IV Backflow