The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

There When You Need Us

Chad MeyerNext week is National Drinking Water Week. The motto for the week is one we often take for granted – “There When You Need It!” Many things have changed during the current pandemic, but I’m proud that everyone on our team is living that mission right now, as always. As essential workers, our team members ensure all our customers are able to take that message for granted. Truly, they are “There When You Need Them.”

I can’t speak enough of the response, especially of those working tirelessly in hotspots around the states we serve. A big THANK YOU goes out from me to all our employees for the work they have continued to perform during this pandemic crisis. In this special edition of The Clear Take, I want to acknowledge every one of our heroes.

I also want to let all of you know what we are doing to ensure the safe and secure supply of your water and wastewater services.

That starts with protecting our workers, their families and the communities they live in and serve. Given the gravity and fast-moving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, here is what we are doing as a matter of policy:

  • Monitoring and following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as specific state guidance for preventive measures and travel advisories.
  • Instructing employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19, that they should wait until the results are back from the individual who may be positive and only return to work if that is not the case. If they have been exposed to the virus, they stay home for the 14-day period and work remotely if possible.
  • Preparing our deep bench of employees to be ready to instantly step in as reinforcements when a colleague is unable to work.
  • Following the response, guidelines and plans for managing the pandemic instituted by our customers.
  • Using all of the technology available to minimize contact and operate remotely – for example for meetings.

Our teams have reviewed and verified they have appropriate levels of supplies on hand to maintain their systems and are adequately stocked to minimize shortages and emergency orders. Distribution chains across all sectors are under pressure and we are in close contact with all our suppliers and distributors to ensure they can maintain services.

This time last year we were dealing with 100-year flood patterns and working together to combat the elements. This year, the fight is against a different enemy, but our army of workers on the frontline are keeping that threat at bay.

Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.