The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Here’s how we do it.

When we were founded by an Iowan nearly 35 years ago, the culture of caring for local Midwest communities was born. There is a depth of dedication that has driven everything we’ve done through the years and what we continue to do today:

  • We operate as a family with respect and care for all employees and clients.
  • Training and licensure are paramount. We assure operators have the safety and operations training they need to be 100% on the job and experience career growth. This includes helping operators attain licenses of ever-increasing levels to serve the plants that require this.
  • We’ve developed an online maintenance program that feeds operators “to do’s” – actions and dates related to the exact equipment in your plants – to assure the work is being done.
  • Our Region Managers teach in WET (Water Engineering and Technology) programs in local community colleges, engaging new talent in the industry – and identifying the “right people” early on.
  • We offer apprenticeships and scholarships to WET programs, too.
  • Forty-year PeopleService veteran, Dennis White, is now an ambassador in the field, helping recruit new employees and engaging those who have retired or want to retire, in part-time work that keeps them in the game.
  • Region Managers, Assistant Region Managers and experienced Operators serve as mentors and advisors to every new employee and everyone in the company is ever available for each other to give input on solutions needed in plants across the Midwest.

The above are unique attributes to PeopleService. Ask your current partner if they can say this. Better yet, talk to us about it. Contact Chris McMillen today.