The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Happy Birthday to us!

People Service Turns Twenty-nine

Alan MeyerThis year marks a very special anniversary for PeopleService. It’s our 29th year in the business of providing water and wastewater management and operations services to our partners across the Midwest. If you’re wondering what’s so important about PeopleService turning twenty-nine, it’s the fact that when PeopleService first came into existence it was a division of People’s Natural Gas. We worked hard growing the business and making our name a respected leader in the water industry under the umbrella of services that People’s Natural Gas offered. But nine years later, when the company made the decision to divest itself of our division, we were faced with a choice: move on or invest in ourselves and the good work we had done by becoming an independent agency.

We chose the latter. We had a vision for our company. We understood the potential for growth and the importance of our work. We were a group of like-minded, some might say “brave”, but I will use the term “wise” employees and we made it work.

We are thankful for our clients who trusted us and took that leap of faith with us. Just one contract was lost as we transitioned from a subsidiary of a company to the stand-alone PeopleService of today.

Of that dedicated group of professionals who began this journey, thirteen still work for PeopleService today. Now that’s loyalty to our clients, a longevity and a depth of expertise that clients rarely find anywhere else. I cannot begin to express my deep and sincere appreciation for these committed employee partners and our valued customers, but I will start by saying “Happy 29th Birthday, all. It’s been a wild ride.”

Alan Meyer
Chairman & CEO