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How to overcome staff turnover

poo emoji stress toyIf you’ve been with us at a conference, you know our poo emojis fly out of our booth. They make people smile – and they help make our point. You can be in deep dog-doo when someone on your water/wastewater staff resigns or retires – often with little-to-no warning. Not only is turnover a pain, it’s costly. Recruiting for the right person with the right credentials is hard because labor in our market is hard to find and onboarding, training and uptime take time and investment. This is why we ask, “What’s your Plan B?” (You’d be surprised by the number of people we talk to who have none.) But, having a Plan B now – even if your staff seems perfectly content with no intention of leaving – is just plain smart.  No one can predict an illness or when a “better” job opportunity will come someone’s way. One call with us helps you understand how we are your Plan B – even if we’re waiting in the wings. Of course, it’s better to simply bring us on board but short of that, there’s no more sure-fire solution to staff turnover. Talk to Chris McMillen today.