The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Really? Six is better than one?

Really. We estimate that, when you partner with PeopleService, you get, on average, six people for every one on site. That’s because we have this deep bench of water/wastewater pros on deck – from the Region Manager to other operators in the region to the full swath of staff across the six states we serve. We rotate operators among systems we serve to fill in for vacations and we never hesitate to discuss everything from general operations to solutions to challenges in chemicals, distribution, machinery maintenance, compliance and more with each other. So, while more people may seem inefficient, it’s really super-efficient with PeopleService because you get the power of many for the cost of few. If the one or two guys on your staff today have one foot out the door, or you’re not sure if you’re getting the best value from your water/wastewater management vendor today, it’s time to talk. There may be a great advantage to rethinking your staffing or your contract and there’s no risk or investment in doing that. We can tell you more about the cities that are doing just that today. Contact Chris McMillen.