The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

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Steven Robinette Believes in the PeopleService Network

Steve RobinetteCertifications
– Iowa Grade IV Wastewater
– Iowa Grade IV Water Distribution
– Iowa Grade IV Water
– IWEA Grade IV Collections
– Iowa Class B CDL

Iowa Region Manager Steve Robinette believes in the Power of PeopleService. “For every service situation, we have at least one expert and multiple back-ups at PeopleService,” he said. “We have a very strong team with an incredible depth of expertise.”

That depth of expertise is something Steve himself possesses. His love of science and the water industry came out of opportunity. After graduating from high school in Mason City, he enlisted in the Air Force, then attended the University of Iowa. While there, he got a job at the University owned and operated water treatment plant – his first experience in this field. This experience sparked an interest in pursuing a career in the field.

With PeopleService for 18 years, Steve started as an Operator, then moved to Lead Operator in Grimes, Iowa. In 2014, Steve took the role of Region Manager in Iowa. “PeopleService stresses integrity and a sense of family,” said Steve. “I’ve always been treated fairly, with respect and have always been given the tools to do my job. PeopleService gives us enough flexibility to do our jobs as we see fit, all the while giving us opportunity to see and learn many different types of facilities and to learn more about the field.” When asked what sustains him in this job, Steve said it’s the “wide range of communities I serve in Iowa (population, types of facilities, private/public etc.). It’s also the people in the communities we serve, as well as our employees…all IOWA nice! For every difficult person I may have to deal with there are 20 good, decent people I enjoy working with,” he added.

Steve says his biggest frustration in the job is that people in general have an underappreciation of water and clean wastewater. “Getting the message out doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s best to remember it’s a long, slow process and we have to take every opportunity to educate everyone we come in contact with in this job, including customers and councils.”

Steve is an extremely involved member of the water service community, serving on the board of the Humboldt-Dakota Chamber of Commerce, the American Water Works Association, AWET and IAWEA and most recently he was asked to serve on the Iowa League Advisory Board.

Steve’s pet peeve is people who flush items that won’t break down in the sewer system. Baby wipes marked “flushable”, according to Steve, are the worst. “I wish I could stress what they can do to a homeowner’s plumbing system as opposed to talking about a lift station and/or a pump they will never see or relate to. Both are important, but making it more personal helps,” he said.

What you may not know about Steve is that he plays lead guitar and pens lyrics for local touring band The Lost Tracks. His favorite song on the set list is Happily because it’s very difficult to play with a lot of key changes and it’s long. Steve likes it because he gets to play some interesting guitar parts through some effect pedals that he doesn’t normally get to use.

Look for Steve at a local Iowa community’s water or wastewater plant. If he’s not there, check out where The Lost Tracks are playing next.