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Our industry requires a deep bench of dedicated pros

Chad MeyerI’m always impressed by the professionalism and dedication of our PeopleService team. I was reminded of this recently when we named Heath Draeger a Region Manager for Iowa. Heath graduated from Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2009 with a major in Water Resources and a minor in Soil Science. A year later, he was named the water/wastewater manager in Lansing, Iowa. He joined PeopleService in 2013 and he’s been a true pro since day one. Heath is just one example of the level of experience and expertise of our employees, in the field throughout the Midwest and at our home office in Omaha. The water/wastewater industry is always changing – sometimes quickly – and I’m grateful we have a team so dedicated to their profession and their communities.

Speaking of the evolution of our industry, it’s always worth mentioning that the EPA has set October 2024 as the deadline to meet inventory requirements for the new federal Lead & Copper Rule. I know everyone in the industry is aware of the new rule, but you may not know that many states offer grant funding to help fulfill these requirements. It’s definitely worth contacting your state officials to check.

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Chad Meyer
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