The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

The depths we go to for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to list all the ways we serve our partner communities. As we’ve said, our operators live, work and raise their families in these communities throughout the Midwest. Our primary responsibility, of course, is to assure clean and safe water for the people we serve. There really is no one better at this because we leverage the breadth of experience across the PeopleService network and the depth of experience from those team members and what they have seen and done.

Knowing our operators will be an extension of your staff and will be your neighbors, we hire for knowledge and skill – and character. Honesty and integrity are paramount. Built on this, our culture is strong and that’s why our turnover is low and why people come our way. When we come aboard with new communities, we commit to interviewing your existing talent and hiring those who we believe will fit in with our culture and maintain continuity with managing your systems.

As neighbors, you will see PeopleService people on main street, on the ball fields and in church. We participate in community festivities and in community crises. We have stories to tell of how PeopleService team members are among the first to help when floods and fires occur. And, many of our team members serve on the volunteer fire departments in communities.

Far from a “vendor,” PeopleService is your community partner for the long haul. Happy to tell you more. Contact Chris McMillen today.