The Clear Take on Water and Wastewater Today

Turning on the faucet is easy. Getting to safe clean water is complex.

Sometimes I feel sorry for our operators in the field. I appreciate the vast amounts of math and science they must know to earn their certifications and licenses and I know the work they do every day to keep your water running safe and clean. That includes sampling and testing, keeping systems running, maintaining multiple pieces of equipment, working with dangerous chemicals and more. These guys and gals are smart, dedicated and humble. Yet, when they do their jobs well, the outcome is amazingly simple. Citizens turn a faucet handle and voila’! clean, clear water runs out! Long-time Minnesota Region Managers, Paul Christensen and Greg Stang relay an interesting take on this in the podcast “The Value of Water.” Take a listen and know that this is work we all love to do for the people in the communities we serve – our friends and neighbors.

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Chad Meyer
PeopleService Inc.