March 2023

I recently got this question from a City Council member in a small community in Iowa.

QuestionChris, I have to admit, I’m intrigued about the PeopleService model and am torn between wanting to be in control with our own team, but, as you say, “not being caught with our pants down” when someone retires or quits. I feel pretty vulnerable and would like to know the one reason we should work with you.

AnswerI love the candor of this question. As I travel the Midwest, the conversations are strikingly similar. We can assure you that losing control is not an issue when you work with us. In fact, you gain more control managing a company committed to meeting the terms of the contract. And, the truth is, you are vulnerable with a small team. Someone will leave sooner or later and without a Plan B, you may put your community at risk. But, you asked for the ONE reason you should work with PeopleService and that is PEOPLE. We’re prepared to shore up your staff with one phone call. Our people come with years of expertise and boots-on-the-ground knowledge, and the backup of everyone else at PeopleService when needed. More than a safety net, our clients will tell you how relieved they are to not feel exposed.

Contact me today to talk PEOPLE.

Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen

Director of Sales