June 2022

We received this question from a City Administrator in Kansas that addresses an increasingly common problem:

QuestionWe had a situation caused by severe weather occur while our experienced operator was out of town on vacation. The employees responding did not have a plan to address what was taking place, so we had to reach out to a neighboring city to assist. Our experienced operator has now given notice, so we are looking at options. Why should we consider contract management?

AnswerThank you for taking the time to write to me and ask your question. We are in the severe weather season now and having a plan is imperative for a city (and for your own household). Our partners enjoy peace of mind when they hire us. We are water and wastewater specialists. We bring years of experience to ensure you remain compliant with the regulatory agencies and that you achieve the maximum life expectancy of your infrastructure. We do this by implementing a thorough maintenance protocol and our award-winning safety program. We develop standard operating procedures and emergency response plans for each of our partners. We also work with you and your engineer on capital improvement planning. We want to partner with you, not just work for you. In addition to the employees that you deal with most of the time we cycle multiple employees through your facilities to ensure they are familiar with your systems in case of emergencies and to cover for training and vacations. It is also important for the development of our operators. Experiencing multiple systems gives them more experience which helps them pass their certification tests and grow within our organization. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Our goal at PeopleService is to exceed your expectations and remove those headaches. We will handle your water and wastewater daily and when situations arise you can trust we have you covered. I am happy to have a conversation with you and your elected officials to discuss in more detail.

Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen

Director of Sales