August 2022

This question from a City Administrator in Iowa is frequently discussed when we meet with cities about managing and operating their water and wastewater plants.

QuestionWe are currently using a contract management company for our water and wastewater systems and we are not overly happy with their management as they do not seem to care. We like the employees though, so if we go in a different direction, we are concerned for them. How does PeopleService handle these types of situations?

AnswerThank you for the question. We completely understand the concern for valued staff. The first thing to note is that these specialists do not grow on trees so a new provider would assuredly try and hire them. If PeopleService was selected as your new provider, we would allow each employee to apply, go over all the benefits we offer and if they pass the preemployment requirements then they wouldn’t miss a beat. They just change the shirt they are currently wearing. No company offers a pay advantage. We all pay qualified operators a competitive wage so there is no risk of an incoming company trying to save a few pennies. We would love the opportunity to provide you a proposal and are prepared to answer any additional questions you might have. Contact me anytime!

Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen

Director of Sales