Village of Beemer Partners with PeopleService to Deliver Water and Wastewater Services for Community

Beemer, NE: Leading Midwest water and wastewater company PeopleService and the village of Beemer have signed a contract for the management, operation and maintenance of those services by the Nebraska-based company. The contract took effect November 1.

Doug Steffensmeier, Chairman of the Beemer Village Board, said the move was a positive step to increase the expertise in all areas of what is a fast-changing sector.

“Our qualified operator of 20 years was retiring and we were finding it difficult to replace him with a qualified person. Then I got a referral for PeopleService and when I looked them up I liked what I saw.” Steffensmeier said.

“In particular, I saw the benefits of working with a company rather than an individual in several areas. The first is the resources and expertise they bring. Versus just one person, they have a deep bench of  people with years of expertise in this area. Plus because they serve hundreds of communities, they draw on experiences in serving many.

“This is not just about staffing. Things change in the water and wastewater sector all the time. PeopleService stays on top of all that from compliance to best practices in every area.

Director of Sales at PeopleService Chris McMillen said: “We’re delighted to be working with the Village of Beemer. We all know that finding qualified staff and keeping up with regulations is a challenge for many communities, especially as operators retire. Staffing and expertise in all areas is our strength and we’re pleased to be able to be a key resource for Midwest communities.”

“We have been serving communities of all sizes across Nebraska and the Midwest for over three decades, ensuring they have total control over these vital services. We’re excited to be working with Beemer and providing the community with safe and clean water and wastewater delivery.”

About PeopleService

Since 1988, PeopleService has been contracting with cities, districts, towns and municipalities to provide expertise in the water and wastewater management field. Based in Omaha, Nebraska with six regional offices, the company provides water and wastewater management, operations, and maintenance services across the Midwest. The range of services also includes staffing solutions, EPA/state/local regulatory compliance, rates and billing audits and services, security management, safety, planning and long-term capital improvements.