Naked and Afraid Emphasizes the Importance of Clean Water

The Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid is television’s ultimate survival challenge, pitting one man and one woman against the most extreme elements. Each episode chronicles the experiences of two survivalists who meet for the first time and are given the task of surviving a stay in the wilderness naked for 21 days. After they meet in a designated locale, the partners must find and or produce water, food, shelter, clothing and survive the extreme elements of their assigned environment. Never in the history of television has one show made more transparent the vital importance of water.

Episode after episode, location after location, from the snake and alligator infested swamps of Louisiana, to the flooded jungles of Belize, to the unforgiving equatorial savanna of Guyana, each week the competitors face unbelievable challenges and the first and most important challenge is always to secure a safe source of drinking water. Competitors are always allowed to choose one item to aid in their survival. Be it a machete, a knife, or a flint, each survivalist must examine their strengths and weaknesses and choose an item that will best aid in their survival.

But the naked truth is that without water, dehydration sets in and the competitors soon must leave the show.

The necessity for the competitors to create fire and boil water is absolute. Without a safe source of water, they fail. Those who have in desperation drunk the water without first boiling it have submitted their bodies to the effects of unknown parasites and soon are forced to leave the show to seek immediate medical attention.

PeopleService thanks the Discovery Channel and the producers of Naked and Afraid for making crystal clear how important having a dependable source of of safe drinking water is for all of us. That’s what PeopleService does. We are experts in water and wastewater management and every day our professionals are on the job making certain that the water that flows into the homes and businesses of the towns, communities and districts that we serve is safe and reliable. It’s an important job and one we take very seriously, because when it comes to the water people drink, we think they should never have to be afraid.