Missouri River Receives a Little Help From Omaha

The longest river in America, the powerful Missouri River, has captured the imaginations of many throughout history, from artists and writers to Lewis and Clark who traveled its currents during their discovery expedition in the early nineteenth century.

Today the majestic river is contaminated with all kinds of trash, from glass to plastic to tires. A few hot tubs have even been found in the waters!

Because the Missouri River touches four states where PeopleService clients are, we are especially pleased we can take advantage of an upcoming opportunity in Omaha, Nebraska, this month.

Keeping Our Water Clean

PeopleService will be a sponsor of Missouri River Clean-Up 2017, an event hosted by Missouri River Relief, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of the Missouri River through hands-on volunteer events and education programs across the Midwest.

The Missouri River Clean-Up will be held in Omaha on Saturday, May 20th from 9 AM to noon. Volunteers will meet at the Riverfront Marina at Lewis & Clark Landing in the morning for the fourth such event of this kind that Missouri River Relief has hosted along this stretch of the river. Volunteers will then take a ferry around the river to pick up trash on the riverbank and the islands.

Giving Back

Volunteers get reusable water bottles donated by PeopleService. They will also receive life jackets, gloves, t-shirts, and lunch.

We are especially glad we can assist in the city’s efforts to improve the environment, as our headquarters are located in Omaha. Since PeopleService formed in 1988, we have expanded our water and wastewater management operations into six Midwestern states and hundreds of communities. It is our top priority to provide every community we serve safe and clean water so their cities can flourish, and we always encourage team members to take part in conservation efforts in their communities.

“This event is a great way for Omaha residents to help improve their community’s environment,” said Chris Gutschow, director of business development at PeopleService. “We are honored to be a part of it.”

We applaud this effort and believe that communities need more organizations like Missouri River Relief and people like their volunteers who take active roles as environmental stewards.

We hope you can make it. Register here if you’re interested in being a part of this conservation effort!