Howard County Regional Water Commission Pens Deal with PeopleService

The Howard County Regional Water Commission of Missouri has contracted with PeopleService to handle the management responsibilities for their water treatment facility, wells and water tower. Howard County encompasses multiple cities and systems and serves the needs of over 10,000 people. PeopleService is a proven professional in the in the field of water and wastewater management and will be bringing in two two full-time operators and one part-time operator to handle the contract for the county.

“These are good people and we are thrilled to be working in Howard County,” said Steve Guthrie, region manager for PeopleService. “PeopleService has a proven track record of success in the state of Missouri and we are pleased that the Howard County Water Commission has given us this opportunity. We look forward to serving them.”


For more information, please contact Rob Baker at 402-932-4160 or

Since 1988, PeopleService has been contracting with cities, districts, towns and municipalities to provide expertise in the water and wastewater management field. Based in Omaha, Nebraska with seven regional offices, the company provides water and wastewater operations, maintenance and management services for more than 160 clients throughout the Mid-Plains states. We help communities of all sizes overcome issues ranging from aging facilities and infrastructure to pressure problems, insufficient storage capacity and many more intricate issues that threaten health and safety today and that inhibit strategic community growth for tomorrow. Our range of services includes routine operations, ongoing maintenance, EPA/state/local regulatory compliance, rates and billing audits and assistance, staffing, security management, safety, planning and long-term capital improvements.