Nodaway County PWSD #1, Missouri

Population: 2400 service connections
Employees: 3


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Distribution System

Description of Facilities:

1200 miles of water main, 2400 service connections, 5 water towers ranging in size between 110,000 & 135,000 gallons, 3 clearwells with a capacity of 50,000 gallons each, 2 single booster pump stations, and 5 duplex booster stations.


  • Maintaining qualified & professional staff
  • Budgetary control
  • Inventory control
  • District growth
  • Maintenance of distribution system


  • Maintain qualified and professional staff
  • Evaluated inventory and only stock necessary parts
  • Currently saving the District ~$30,000 annually
  • Staff completing work orders and new service connections in a timely manner.
  • Assisted with the Phase VI & VII expansion
  • Act as a liaison between the City of Maryville and the District
  • Reduced water loss from 35% on average to 15%
  • Distribution system improvements

Project Summary:

This project began in May 2013. This is a rural water system located in the Northwest corner of Missouri and is the largest rural water district, in terms of miles of pipe, in the State of Missouri. The District is supplied by the City Maryville Water Treatment Plant, also a PeopleService client. The system consists of approximately 1200 miles of water main, 2400 service connections (including the municipalities of Clearmont and Skidmore), five elevated storage towers ranging in size from 110,000-135,000 gallons, three clearwells, and various pump stations. The water is distributed through purchase agreements. PeopleService was hired due to cost overruns with the budget and personnel issues. These issues have been resolved allowing the District to focus on growth. PeopleService is currently facilitating this growth by focusing on the items of budget, staff, and inventory management.

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