New Richland, Minnesota

Population: 1203
Employees: 1


Operations, Maintenance & Management of Treatment plant, Collection system

Description of Facilities:

.600 MGD trickling filter contact stabilization facility; 2 lift stations


  • Facility upgrades
  • Construction of water treatment facility
  • Water system complaints
  • Operating and not operating water system


  • Helped settle differences between City and Construction company
  • Hydrant flushing program
  • Kept plant in compliance during construction
  • Established treatment guidelines for the new water treatment facility

Project Summary:

We started this project in 1992 taking care of one lift station, the collection system, and a 0.100 MGD Class “C” trickling filter process with chlorine disinfection prior to discharge. The waste sludge was anaerobically treated, dried in drying beds and land applied. There were plans for an on-site wastewater plant upgrade. The Wastewater facility was expanded to a .600 MGD Class “B” trickling filter process followed by contact stabilization, which included automatic screening and grit removal, two final clarifiers, and a new chlorine contact basin. The sludge drying beds were removed and a sludge holding tank installed. In 1994 we added the distribution system, one 50,000 gallon water tower, and three water production wells with chemical addition. In 1997 the City constructed a Class “C” water treatment facility and took back operations. In 1999 we again took over operations of the water distribution and treatment until 2003 until the city took it back. In 2006 a new lift station was added for a new addition. In 2012 the wastewater facility underwent an upgrade that added new contact stabilization tanks, chemical addition for phosphorus removal, and rehabilitation of the anaerobic digester.

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